Do you want to know what really makes us jump out of bed each morning (besides the double shot coffee!)?

It’s knowing that our customers, who we see as family, come to Gigliola to look and feel good and there’s nothing better than having a hand in helping that.

Fashion trends may change (and lord we’ve seen some come and go!), but since 2008 our goal has always remained the same; we’re here for YOU and we want you to shine from the inside out and outside in. 

We are here to celebrate YOU!

So every time you walk through the doors of Gigliola know that you can be nothing less than your beautiful self (oh we encourage that Big Time!) and you’ll always leave with something you love, from a pair of flattering jeans to a trans-seasonal dress, gift for your bestie or a chic top that doubles as a meeting and school pickup ensemble (working mums, we see you!).

We’re a little shop with a big heart and an even bigger selection of clothing, shoes, accessories and homewares picked just for you so you can feel nothing short of amazing.

Gigliola x

Gigliola is pronounced gi-li-ola (just in case you were wondering...)