Meet #mumboss Rachael from Bridie's Beanery Cafe

Meet #mumboss Rachael from Bridie's Beanery Cafe

Hey there I’m Rachael and along with my sister Erin, I own and run Bridie's Beanery. My husband Patrick and I are blessed to have four children together. Shannon, Cian, Finn and Saoirse who keep our lives very busy! ⁣

Erin and I opened our first business together in February 2013 and then opened Bridie’s in October 2016. Bridie’s Beanery is a funky little espresso bar in the heart of Diamond Creek. With a love of all things coffee, we are very passionate about our little business and all of our wonderful customers that make our dream a reality.

The best thing about being a Mum Boss is that I have the flexibility to work around my family’s needs.

When I first went into business, I found it very hard to achieve a work/life balance but now I think I have definitely perfected it. I am fortunate to have a business partner that understands my family’s needs and who is happy to work full time at Bridie's to give me the freedom to be there and enjoy quality time with my family. ⁣

When Erin first asked me to go into business with her it was definitely a big decision. We have learnt so much over our journey and are continuing to learn more every day. ⁣

I think the best advice I could give other mums wanting to go into business themselves would be to make sure you have a strong supportive network around you both personally and professionally and to believe in yourself!

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