Fashion, Fun and Friendships with @wondersammie

Fashion, Fun and Friendships with @wondersammie
"I left my career as a company accountant when I decided to have a family. While I’ve been busy raising my two kids I’ve been lucky enough to be able to work part time as a bookkeeper. As part of my job I found I had to get a lot more up to date with technology and computer packages particularly social media! It was then that I also decided to create my own personal accounts as well! Would you believe I had no social media accounts at all until a couple of years ago!
But once I discovered instagram there was no stopping me! It opened up a whole new world to me where I was able to ‘meet’ other women who shared my love of fashion and where we could all share and appreciate the outfits that we all took so much time to create! And soon there were opportunities to meet in real life too! This was the perfect timing for me as my kids were now grown up and I was looking for more from my life as well as a creative outlet! And really that was how @wondersammie was born!
I’ve always loved to experiment with fashion! (Thank goodness there was no social media in the 80’s!) So I love lots of different styles of clothes and outfits which I why I love boutiques like Gigliola! You can probably see this on my insta account! I suppose my favourite looks are rock chick, boho as well as classic styles and sometimes I even like to mix them together! I think the most important thing is to have fun and wear what you love every day! And don’t be scared to try new looks too!
What I’ve really learned from my adventures as @wondersammie is to just say yes to every opportunity that life throws at you! Because you just never know what amazing experiences (and outfits) are waiting for you!" ~ Sam Burdett

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